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Relief through cannabis

As the world moves towards finally legalizing cannabis, we at Kootenay Labs exist to make products for those that seek them. Products that are reliable, readily available, and increasingly innovative; products that satisfy our growing range of clients that find relief through cannabis. We aspire to always identify the most effective delivery methods by studying, separating and refining cannabinoid profiles that work best for each specific application.

90% Organic Ingredients

Our gummies are made of 90% organic ingredients.

Our insatiable curiosity fuels our yearning for adventure in most areas of life, but we believe that our exploration surrounding cannabis must be meticulously controlled and calculated. That’s why whether for recreational or medicinal applications, we implement only the safest and strictest processes at every step of production. That means we research rigorously, use only the best plants, top-of-the-line equipment, and pride ourselves on producing quality over quantity.


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